Move strong.  Wise steps.  A path of glory.

A song on the lips.  High noon.  The aroma

of fresh air.  Long roads beckon.  New towns

stare at the curious.  Billboards sell air time.

Traffic lights hold us back.  Sidewalks never

wide enough.  Church steeples all point.

School yards wait for recess.  Cars know their

owners.  Dogs dream in motion.  Clouds

have no answer.  Shorelines hold back the oceans.

Winds from the equator. Trees with wide branches.

Birds love morning.  Children laughing.  Rain

washes everything.  Piles of leaves.  Cats and

warm blankets.  Art that creates thought.  Clear

streams.  Waterfalls.  Diners and hot dogs.

Graduations. New adventures.  The seasons turn

the corner.


Keep on moving.  Don’t be stranded.


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