Water.  An ancient sound. A motion, falling, moving, Colliding, turning.  A color with aroma.  Bending in search of a lower level.  Respecting the language of gravity, yielding to its pull.   Shorelines hold back aggressive waters.  Mountains remain safe. Valleys fear the worst.   Rivers build like armies from the smallest of streams, following paths … More TURNING THE CORNER


The clay of inspiration.  Hands forming, breathing with chance; the unmaking of one into another.  Words fall to the carpet, rolling into waiting ears where discerning and rejection fill the shadows; the song played backwards says nothing.   There’s a blush of hate at the mouth of truth and a smile on the eyes of … More THROWING IT TOGETHER


On the Rue Lepic, a lazy cat sits on the ledge of an open window, observing life below, moving about after a night of swing and toasts to life and promises.   Top buttoned shirts.  Slippery felt hats. Shiny shoes and pants with flare, a man with a silver cane strolls like an owner past … More MORNING WALK


A signal without an arrow pointing from an unspecified corner.  Choosing not to speak is the language of the curious; the absence of shoes limits the desire to go.   Something eventually brings us to the edge, where the precipice creates a sickness in our knees, fearing the fall and the bottom.   From here, … More OPEN FOLDS


Separate hands.  Divided tracks expressing the battle within.  Musical fingers, the dance of a tapping theory. Deep roots of song flush to the surface; a dilation is then quick to expand.   Drums beating out thoughts pause then continue, marking paths to an immediate change; the impertinence of youth is an undeniable salve.   Dancers … More OPENING NIGHT


Broken letters. The unfashioning of words scattered on the floor; thoughts rejected, names forgotten.   Jumbled letters; a game without love.  Static angles breaking out of paragraphs, swept into piles, filling buckets, thrown to the wind where letters from lost words find new air, breathing life from the incorrect.    


We are unpredictable.  Like the dripping of water, each different from the previous drop.  We hold the patent on our first breath, first step and an ocean of random words.  We sing off key.  Band-Aid bloodless relationships. Mail envelopes to ourselves.  Find favor with an enemy.  Hold tight the rope to the bell tower.   … More BALL OF TWINE


Frail sparrows wait without flight at the take-out counter.  The aroma reduces the chill of hunger; accepting gladly the warm prize they turn with hope, stepping out into the cold.   Fast thoughts whisk across tables and counters.  Words mixed with coffee and cigarettes fuel pointing fingers as the world is explored over hamburgers and … More OPEN SHADOWS


Her guitar was the voice comfortable. On her forearm a tattoo faded into shadows. Wishing and dreams wash through her fingers.  Gold rings tap a checkered table cloth.  The band playing behind her feeds the air into the song.  Stage lights steam away past loves and promises.  Her chances of breaking out push against the … More LOCKED TO GO


It was a dull circle of sleep. A separation where day folds into slumbered haze.  Mumbled half words tumble out.  An occasional roar breaks the silence.  It’s a time between lucid and insanity.  Emptiness and heroism.  A storm of thoughts strike the base of heaven; the soul envies the catacombs of control.   Hours appear … More HALF WAY