THURSDAY     Desperate hands open street awnings. The shade is welcome to pedestrians. The aroma of flowers and fruit swell through the street. Eyes of suspicion avoid contact but are curious nonetheless. Men with unbuttoned shirts and gold chains snap gum to the beat of their polished shoes. A gust of air lifts the … More THURSDAY


Recumbent warm air recedes under cool blankets of evening. Crickets voice night with searching; a dome of darkness encourages their song.   Fragrant pedals of color fold over like melted silk; resting in repose under a closed nights eye.   A lingering dying breeze crosses an open porch, teasing a rocking chair into faint motion; … More STILLNESS


Courage isn’t birthed in the shadow of doubt or in a desert of inactivity. Instead, it’s cultivated in the imagination of right. The wide grasp of victory is the appetite of achieving the brass ring while leaving the wooden horses behind.   Courage is an instant thought. The suppressed action that steps forward, pushing self … More FORWARD


Puddles drip out and dry into a better day.   Dragon flies circle with a thousand Searching eyes into a curving blue sky.   Swift currents of morning words stream Past, holding the shadows of another day.   Pointing fingers, the spiders of pain and arrows loosed, fall hard on the faces of war.   … More ANOTHER CHANCE


There’s a shifting of power within the rivers down under surface. Where waters of no visibility present a flotilla of movable parts making their way downstream with the occasional restriction in the pathway to the ocean.   Portions of land, homes, docks and various twisted debris move in silence and unbalanced order. Trees tumble and … More TO THE OCEAN


Songs from radios collide into disturbed air over the sidewalk. Sleeveless young men stand carelessly with searching eyes watching women pass. Street lights flicker. Cigarette smoke creeps lazily over shoulders from parted lips. A car horn trumpets a signal, forcing interest where none exists. Thick brass bolts secure storefronts to sleep until dawn stirs.   … More COOLING SIDEWALKS


I just walked into the backside of out. A shadow familiar to me, although the road ahead was new.   I took a bus to New Orleans. Open windows, crying kids, two days without a shower and living on crackers and warm beer.   The city greets me with a hazy sunrise and the sounds … More THIS WAY OUT


   Morning went quiet like angel hands touching the depths of unreleased grief.   Outward clouds receded, revealing an Egyptian blue sky.   An envelope of breezes slipped with small notice over warm faces.   Blond uncombed hairs twist like holiday flags under boughs of summer.   Words opened with birthday surprise, fulfilling desires while … More TAKE ME THERE


There was a line leading with no one at the front. A shuffling like a herd without dust and a low rumbling attempting to create order, though finding none. A partial gray sky above, half way between sun and rain, fed on the listless appetite below.   Children playing in a nearby field disregarded the … More REGARDLESS


Wind has no face though pushes leaves and flags into submission.   The sun loves not but warms like arms at journeys end.   Rain has no soul yet baptizes with tears from weeping clouds.   Clouds drift without weight though beat lie hammers in muscled storms.   The moon floats silent pulling oceans with … More INVISABLE POWER