A blink of pain sets the course for the day, after a night of chasing dreams. Outside, the city is covered in a wardrobe of clouds; pearl white and dusk of gray. Below the sidewalk lifted up a degree of voices.  Some loud, others a minnow of words slipping through. A small bucket of sunlight … More HARVESTING MOON


A wind voice caught me out, scratching my window, drawing on the glass with wet finger branches. The sun in on vacation.  Somewhere behind cumulous mountains, shining elsewhere on children and cats. Winds buffet in an attempt to separate what man has built. Gray scud clouds slip the wetted land. Puddles reflect between ripples a … More SKY SHOW


          The piano player snapped into notes of busy, lousy with heavy jive so thick with curtained waves of song folks found to the comfort bended knees like Sunday preaching at the altar lifting hands begging more of the same to wash over flow over send them heaven home where music … More LIFTING OF HANDS


His cough rattled from deep within, rising to the surface like an echo in a cave. The land inside of him was tired. The fields of his strength lay fallowed. He is long from the days when a foolish youth wasted what was right, sacrificing his health to the weight of years lost. Today is … More THE FINAL YARDS


Years of herself filled up into her eyes; a flood of voices speaking her name. Over a back fence she sees a path leading away; looking hard with passion, the steps in her shoes hold the line. She points as if with a dieing hand to a hill, a place of memories holding tight to … More A NEED


Long whispers.  Unachieved destinations. Serenity consumed.  Overwhelming choices folded into one decision.  Street people dancing.  Resentful workers sidestepping random faces.  Phones ring.  Buses hiss to stops.  The aroma of hot dogs and lunch.  Silent faces.  Worried thoughts. Fast steps.  Escalators jammed.  Subways overloaded.  There is unity in motion. The desire to leave.  The hope to … More WALKING TO WORK


Night formed a menace of quiet, an undercurrent of soft movement on familiar paths, where innocence relinquishes to the passion of shadows.   A half moon catches out voices sighing, releasing fear under waves of waiting shorelines.   Hands, graceful necks of swans, the appetite of silence, holds fast the embrace of desire, while creating … More HOLDING FAST


There was an assembly of winds colliding silently within the mists of one another.  Gray steel clouds disappeared then quickly reformed into an angry turbulent sky. Fields of turned soil blackened over like early night when shadows fade in the presence of half light. A crumbling sun slipped from view, proving boundaries have no limits … More UNCHALLANGED


I know a road of dust and wind, open at both ends, encouraging dreamers and people with maps who set out to far places, never sure when they’ve arrived.   I look both ways at the distance equal to the left and right where footsteps mark a passing along with a horse and dog.   … More UP AHEAD


Paths of dust circle his name, rising like a sun of eyes watching a circle of moons fall into the river of his jazz where he pulls heavy at the waters twisting them up into waves of air cooling the heat of his strides as he swaggers sweetly while the sound crashes on a shoreline … More HIGH ABOVE