I got me a guitar. The life of my hands jumps the strings, forcing words out my mouth with a sound of thunder popping, so remember, this ain’t no opera, where neon lights crackle with sizzle and busted dreams lay scattered in alley suitcases, cracked open like eggs snapping on a griddle of grease, spattering … More DRINKING RAIN


There’s a bucket of dreams hanging off my pillow with fingers of thoughts twisting my inner gears into faces from yesterday or childhood where summers warmth was pure with mornings lifting off the aroma of dew soaked canvas and blossoming lilacs, jumping into morning before the birds and the dust of breezes.   I’m pulling … More A SLEEP VEIL


The walls move in on him, pressing out the vintage of his flavor, forcing a banquet of jazz into drunken lazy air where lipstick releases secrets and gin holds no lies as the music burns through the smoke of last night   while morning slaps the creases of a sun between chairs and over faded … More SLOW MOVING


He breathed out the blues with the release of a raspy washboard, capturing the days full of sweat under a full sun or nights hanging moss or in backrooms where spilled whiskey drenches sawdust floors.   He had a birth of songs flash spitting from hot greasy pans of his kingdom high thoughts, peppered with … More BLUES MAN


He would see with his hands, map readers of sorts. His fingers were pencils discovering the curves of a wall or the shape of a face; the continuance of good or evil.   His feet sensed the earth between dirt and roads, solid or weak, as he chose the way from the dark caverns of … More BLIND


I got out the big car, the flashy one where your absorbed into the soul of your seat. We turn on the black roads with no names past road signs peppered with bullet holes and other signs pointing each way to towns and places somewhere to go.   The moon plasters a gray canvas like … More THE BIG CAR


Sequoia cactus stand like soldiers at attention, raising daggers to heaven as we stream by, counting the stiff bristled coat hangers. We lean back and let the dry desert uncomb our hair. The radio pushes out uptown songs. Broken neon lights at abandoned bars languish under a blanket of dust, covering everything, including the heat. … More UNCOMBED HAIR


The air had an aroma of mischief, unshaven faces, sweaty collars, dancers and players all fashioned under a darkness, rising in song, raising with voices the chance of a gathering on red dirt roads where magnolias steal the senses and whispers rule the night while fingers become the language under stars without names and in … More MISCHIEF


I stand with respect on a blue broken carpet of muscle shells; azure seethes a jealous face. Gold flecks of crystal sand paint Pharaohs sandals onto my feet. Hungry waves slide over glacial pebbles; time laughs at man.   Hands of clouds slip silently under a blue stadium sky. The ocean holds pride over horizons … More GIBRALTAR

BUS #58

Subways rattle overhead; long corners scream the voice of metal. Below, a street fills with faces. Anxious gazes, newspaper readers, nervous feet, fingers tap, hats tilt; waiting for bus #58. Warm city breezes swirl, painting faces gray and humid. Sweat stains armpits. Foreheads glaze like thin frosting. Collars breath unbuttoned. Sleeves roll up tight. Tiredly … More BUS #58