From the top of the stairs an opening appears, past street lights and buildings without windows.  A rippled blanket of dusty air turns up after trucks and buses. Humidity attacks the skin with the local flavor from back alleys and abandoned trash. A screen door slaps shut.  A voice rises above the din of traffic … More OUT THERE


He feigns the opening delight of day with a yawn; his eyes express a sad boredom. He stretches out night, arching himself like a snake wrapped in fur.  He saunters with confidence over rugs and hardwood floors, glancing with occasion while passing open doors and shadowed corners for lurking danger.  He assembles his lithe frame … More STAYSAIL


I feel the melancholy in the youth of my legs.  The missed chances to run while entertaining too much rest; my past indifferences plague me. I remember when I challenged the wind, claiming no defeat or tasting the vanquish of second place. I open to the fondness of fleeting victories, savoring the memories that are … More OVER AND AWAY