A low light struggles to create shadows. Curtains hang lifeless before an open window. A radio in a back room whispers out a sound between static and humid air. Men gather, choosing favorite chairs. Cigarette and cigar smoke drifts up forming its own cloud. Working calloused hands hold weathered playing cards. Suspicious and curious eyes … More BACK ROOM


ANOTHER FOOTPRINT     There are shadows of reminders stepping into our days, our years. Long pauses of thoughts rise slowly to the surface. We consider the chances while dissecting the meaning of how our footprint explains our past.   Our walk becomes a series of runs. Glancing off one reminder of what to do … More ANOTHER FOOTPRINT


Words tumble. Catching one out. Proving a point or wounding a heart.   Dark storms brew within the thoughts. Like a rising tide flowing out quick to sooth or heavy with pain.   In the corner of the mind where shadows whisper, comparing and dissecting ideas and dreams preparing a path for words going out. … More BUILDING BLOCKS


His unmade appearance appeared complete. He walked with a leaning intention; his eyes half pointed down, observing the ground while ignoring the sky. He shouldered a number of illusions hidden behind shadows. His youth was brief; adulthood was always close to his thoughts. Days were full of walking, quoting poems and parts of speeches. His … More AN ODD MAN


A thickness of night. Coolness smoothing over the yard, removing the last remnants of day’s heat; windows shut and sweaters appear. The lakes dark surface humbles even the brave. Inside, cabin lights extinguish like falling stars. Night sounds filter through aged screened windows. The aroma of pine lingers heavy in the air. Soft voices respect those … More I REMEMBER


A high heat pushed roadway lines sideways. Crowds trample the streets as they pull themselves toward a destination within a sea of shoulders and elbows.   Fire escapes spread waffle slanted shadows onto faded bricks. A radio pushes static into an alley where a man sleeps near dented garbage cans releasing the aroma of yesterday. … More EYES OPEN


There’s a room in the between. A room with three walls for thoughts and an open side accepting a wide flow of words onto the altar where their weighed and judged for worthiness. Years of words are watered here in the garden of expression, until finally harvested and released to be viewed by others and … More ARRIVING


I remember the shadows and the long arms of equal strength. I see the smiles and pain and the seasons passing. The voices stream out into a river of noise until I hear the one voice I’m looking for.   The thoughts provide a salve of healing. There are scars, but no longer visible. The … More A COTTAGE SONG


Trade winds rustled palm frontons like fingernails scratching sandpaper. Waves with no intention of leaving roll onto forever white sand, quickly reforming for the next round. Midday’s warmth builds into layered heat. Shade is gold as the coolness circles the skin, refreshing like a shower of air. Emerald green water continues to fold over on … More THE ISLAND


The jazz sweeps the lonesome form me feeding my needs and filling my wants digging into deep and pulling up like an anchor rising from the a dark blue breaking the gold blue surface releasing my pain spinning it like a top faster into fast onto the floor past dancing feet breaking the sound into … More BREAKING SOUND