A stirring within the water. A pattern of signatures overwhelming the passage of a turbulent surface. Consequences foretold.  The opening of truth is not always accepted.  Hands cut from stone, granite facts, like swimming underwater against strong currents.   A mirror becomes the vestibule of confessions, releasing waves of who we thought we might be … More SAND STRENGTH


The shoreline is a paper waiting for a story. Frequent coal blue skies compete with the gray of midday.  Oil cloth jackets provide temporary warmth.  Multiple nearby voices scale up the dunes, but the power of the waves refuse them any higher.  Birds scatter and then rejoin, swiftly passing overhead. The winds are held together … More HIGH DUNES


His guitar had a better voice and face.  He played out the words like a sweet dessert.  Pain and loss was his shirt and untied shoes, pasted to a long and light frame. He washes his beard in the rain. Clouds are his blankets and the ground his pillow where dreams fade away. There’s a … More WITHOUT HOME


The art of imperfection. A change of attitude and the limits not to exceed where temperature of mood fills the moment of decision; its high climate of change, though unnumbered but important.   A formed shape begins with order.  A voice, a glance, an answer without words.   The simple of life is the meal … More FINDING SHAPE


I got a cloud over me, that’s probably over you where shadows join us as one. There’s a pardon in the shade, a fellowship bound like the roots below my feet. An offering of words, full of vegetation, planted in the garden between our ears. I remain strengthened that summer follows spring and vacations set … More SOFT WINDS


Shadowy unruly pendants; the tales of fate misguided, the language of drowning without answers. Like potted houseplants turning into the sun, people wait for that taste of a good watering.   Every corner holds the treasure for an attempted escape. A piano without tune falls silent. A ceiling fan spins out of boredom.  A floor … More NO HARM IN LEAVING


We are fitted into time. Rooted to the frame.  The anchor of decision secures us to levels of choices. Voices filling rooms stir ideas that are uncharted and unimagined until turned over, exposing a plan. Lights with dusty gray eyes hold the path darkly lit. Adventure seizes the moment with unsolicited beckoning. Bravery held in … More THAT WAY


The in-between of dusk and night releases half shadows. Clouds hurry to corners.  The last breeze twists a single sheet on a clothesline.  A voice familiar to back doors slips into a cracked plaster hallway.  Billboards advertise last year’s circus.  Resilient pillars of weeds claim an abandoned lot.  A dog with strong eyes challenges the … More CAREFUL STEPS


It’s the anxious part of me, working to find a home for my thoughts. Cataloging single words while they circulate like carousel horses waiting for the run to the barn; verses change the menu of how I speak.   I avoid the company of well wishers, praising the moment, ignoring the spirit.  They feast on … More MIGHTY STREAMS


The last train holds seats for strangers.  Yesterday’s newspapers catch at the ankles of the sleep and possessed.  The rhythm of steel wheels creaks loudly into the corners, alarming no one.  Sinners pray for home. Saints sleep past their stop. Passing city lights reflect in a moment of blur, revealing sad eyes and lonely streets; … More TICKETS PLEASE