He possessed great words.  Blocks of released thoughts, the granite of wisdom.  His words took flight, escaping the boundaries of conversations, creating a new understanding between the lines of ordinary sentences. Like spring blossoming, he opened the pedals of stories, heating the imagination, striking the iron of curiosity.   His posture presented authority.  His tone … More FULL FLIGHT


The vestibule reacted with a swirling of music; hands clapping, people opening with generosity of song.  The stone floor echoed like a thousand flat stones skipping on smooth waters.  Leaded colored glass spread its glow across filled pews. Words of faith warmed the room. Emotions resembled a layer of deep water, solid and without interruption. … More TOGETHER


The clouds were squared up in misted puffs, moving in silent streams, blocking all evidence of an earlier blue sky where sunlight passed through leaded glass. Hands cut from stone, prepare for the storm.  Clothes from line are grasped like children walking too close to fire.  The winds begin to speak; its inertia not always … More PREPARE


The release of loss Should be a temporary dark over; like a half smile, part with you, part at you.   It’s when confessions drip from a repentant tongue, loosening squeaky thoughts, relieved to be free.   The inside of healing words fight to the surface, struggling for new air; a chance for old shadows … More THIS DAY


Dust rose in menacing circles behind the car; generations of travel brushed to the roadside.  Truck lights create lonely shadows.  Bleary eyes crave coffee; the liquid toothpicks of temporary vision. Hitchhikers seek the ride of hope.  Their boots worn down to sandals as they desire other places. Forgiveness is far from home.  Familiar voices are … More DOWN AWAY


A long day’s end began with a defiant wind; subtle at first, steadily increasing. The wrath of its swirling lay embedded within layers of strength. The air was uncertain; pulled from its middle, expanding at the sides. The sun was painted out. Shutters rattled.  Garbage lids became weapons.  Birds sought refuge.  Leaves scattered along with … More DETERMINED FORCE


     I felt the water clock hold sentence over me.  Dribbling out good, bad, indifference and sincerity. Its pendulum was silent, though refreshing me with reminders like a mirror reflecting the truth. Every experience has weight; the winning, losing, success and luck. We balance them until it tips. The result of results are unspoken for. … More END AROUND


He wore a dark herringbone wool shirt. Ivory buttons were the stepping stones holding his two halves together.  Strength and honesty were the bare knuckles of his core.  His eyes are  the password for those to enter. Men wearing winter coats and hats  shuffle forward.  Downcast, they hold respect for their place. The food and … More LINE UP


A Cloud of mists.  Vapors without faces. Cars make time over bridges, shuttling the  masses in and out of order. Complaints rule within the swirl of thoughts. The tongue wags tirelessly for some until it turns black. The engine of day corrupts all who pass over the river.  Seldom the sun shines everyday. We rely … More ITS A START


There was a breath of bad jazz.  Dark curtains frosted over.  The jams Of songs fled from the fingers to the valves on the horn. “Where comes the sound?”  People nearby wondered.  The air became frantic With cut notes.   Fractured and scratched from the blood of soul and sand, where his life lay exposed … More OPEN WIND