The tires slowly rolled heavy under the long black menacing frame as it entered the alley crushing pieces of glass snapping like bones of half life creatures laying under fire escapes and buzzing neon lights that have more alive than the thinned armed souls leaning on walls for balance as a curtain of humid stagnant … More HEAVY TRAFFIC


I was pleasantly caught under a raining of leaves while on a back road. A burst of turbulent winds stirred autumn leaves into flight, sounding like bagged rattlesnakes striking to be free. Orange-rose colored leaves abandoned by summer, touched by frost, slipped their base, tumbling randomly to the ground. The air quickly cools as prevailing … More PREVAILING WINDS


I pointed to a full moon suggesting to my cat the enormity of silver so distant yet favoring my yard. The car yawned with indifference. Its tail providing a half swish, unimpressed with the depths of space or the light it doesn’t need. The fireplace snapped with heat, causing one of his ears to turn … More SILVER


Is it an instrument of the heart? That upward curvaceous crescent, the outward personal presentation, the deliverer of mirth, and the creator of forming a phrase while often connected to a laugh. Where does the smile start?  Maybe in the the hallways of the pituitary.  Or coaxed out from a hidden place. For some a … More A SMILE


          A trench coat wrinkled with age; rusted buckle, miles sewn to the breast. Lost loves covered by a thick sleeve.   A roaring dungeon of dark winds; angry lions scrapping heavens floor. Deep pocketed hands; fingers clenched toward unmerciful giants.   Shutters rattle; the song of emptiness. Branches creak like … More ANGRY LIONS


A city rain fell in long lines, washing dust into gutters.   Twilight, the mistrals of dark, waved hands of breezes over streets with quiet sounds.   Engines of feet plodded into puddles, splashing wetness with disregard.   Night dreams creep from open windows. The sound of doors mark the clock of darkness.   Bedroom … More ASHES


Blue heavens and fair winds Find favor above clouds. A multiple spattering of voices linger under a sea of skies, busily reshaping without notice from below. A misty day resembling spilled wax quiets travelers; hands hold subway handles and scratched gray metal poles. Fast with a furious sway the tunneling of trench coats and briefcases … More UNDERGROUND


A white curtain moon held firm The center of a dark night. An immense canopy of darkness Grasped the eyes of the living and the dead. The shadows of night slip through picket fences Disturbing only the mist and while stepping Over sleeping dogs. A church bell calls night to order. A lone bird lifts … More NIGHT SHADOWS


IN ME …..I got a land in me, rocks melted into blood and skin from snakes. Dust and sand forms the man and tears wash it away into rivers deep with shadows, the places of past front porches and lights too dim for a full face where screen doors welcome the great and small into … More IN ME


Highway papers scatter the road. Yesterday’s news pressed against the inside of a factory fence.  The sky is rose red.  The air is moist.  There are no songs but the wind gusts a tune. The clouds resemble casual caring hands, resting like sleep while building silently into towers over a landscape full and willing. A … More REPLENISH