Swirling dust rose from a wide parking lot as cars found space. Weary visitors and neighbors headed for the front door of The Guitar Road House. Music greeted them along with flies buzzing and fumes from beer and roasted chicken. The language of hard branded music covered the floor and walls as fingers tapped and … More FRIDAY NIGHT


The language of fresh cottons snaps into twisting curves testing the soul of sturdy fabrics streaming out with flag blown hysteria.   A small wooden pin secures without injury preventing the chaos from escaping into disfigurement on the ground.   Cotton favor merges under blue skies and easterly winds striking a beat as the earth … More MOVING


The sudden transfer of stillness; the opening of morning. Flowers standby. Curtains hang around with anticipation. The air is pensive, waiting for change. There is a serious and relaxed atmosphere between what we are encouraged to do and that which is tried.   Night is the salesperson for day. expressing support for sunrise as night … More RISING ABOVE


Thoughts are full of moles searching for words, expanding on stories where nothing is lost.   Roots of destiny and legacy are the appetite of moles as they absorb the changes of character from open windows and behind doors.   Memory requires extra strength to burrow through, releasing photos of faces and sins packed away. … More MOLES


A river of stairs high above in a galaxy of streams beyond the reach of tearful upturned eyes fails to provoke an affect on order or direction within the heavens.   Shadowed gray night images slip between fences and past angry sleeping dogs while pleadings and unanswered prayers attract angels waiting for words that act … More UPTURNED


The month of June holds steady the threshold of summer as we move joyously away from winters grasp.   The sun sets a late table; evening shadows sharp and long. Fading footprints on the sand possess the dreams of day. Beach roses close out with respect. Day lilies die with night. Screen doors welcome visitors. … More PREVAILING WINDS


Drunkards of broken clouds wept onto night and those without hats. High winds forced bullets of rain to windows like snapping fingerprints only to slide with gravity onto the sidewalk below.   The ground drank eagerly at first until soon gorged, directing the runoff to every low point where a rising began.   Clouds continued … More TOO MUCH


A change into morning colors breathed light onto the dreams of day.   A thoughtless calm smoothed the waters To a surface of glass forming a quiet language   A sleepy chatter of birds in tall trees opened with a chorus claiming the air.   Day unfolded with a chance for a new beginning.  


It’s what we do best, we re-invent. Changing the colors of our thoughts, the visions of what others fail to see in us, rearranging and redressing the expressions of our inner person, the cerebral compartments and storerooms where few candles light the way as we break through releasing that which is restricted without reason.   … More AMAZING WITH GRACE


What do you have that would remain behind to explain the person you were? The books you read or the places visited? What would family and friends say regarding your character, honesty or faithfulness? Is there something you’ve accomplished that would convince them to hold you in high esteem or just a shadow once removed? … More REMEMBERING