That falling star is mine. The one full of my wishes. The dates and times bundled like knotted twine.  It’s all there, the broken hearts, skinned knees, minced oaths and promises waiting to be fulfilled.  Like the one about my father.  His passing too soon and the wish to hear him say my name one … More LOOKING UP


A jukebox holds a corner of the room hostage. Half lit.  Its neon’s struggle to blink.  A scratchy song labors in love.  Diner patrons huddle in whispers.  A black and white checkered floor supports night traffic.  Crumpled napkins on the tables; one has a phone number written in red.  Green cracked seat cushions welcome the … More THE GATHERING


That piano man.  Unlocking keys with his finger.  Breaking down doors into the light of song.  His head pulses with beat.  Shoulders sway like ocean waves bringing the high tide of song to the shoreline of crowds.   The sound is a wind he creates.  Escaping the bonds of different voices where into one moment … More PLAY THROUGH


The fast trade of winds. Thoughtless testimonials lacking courage.  Broad strokes of bravery hold fast against the enemy even when the heart suggests other courses of action.   Few know how to step forward. Dedication is the future from those who have marched before us, holding tight the banner, raising the flag; the common voice … More OUR BEST STEP


Early morning winds. The signature of change. Branches sway under invisible force proving winds visible actions. There are no lines of streaming; randomness is consistently present. From all sides it pushes.  Objects may divert its path, but never restrict its intent.  Its pattern is untraceable, regardless of science, it changes without reason.  It curves within … More ALWAYS AROUND


Cottages are closed. Shutters replace screens. A few toys forgotten on lawns. A fishing pole leans against. the shed.  The lilac bush is asleep.  Lawn chairs stacked. The porch is empty.  Rose bushes covered.  Mail boxes prepare for winter.  Scattered leaves dot lawns and roads.  A few seagulls pass quietly overhead.  A stray cat wanders … More LOOKING ABOUT


He brushed through the shortcut, down familiar alleys, past trash cans and men sleeping in corners.   Onto a sidewalk, weaving past suits, hats and shoes; temporary barriers to the right of passage.   The song of buses, cars and sirens stir the soup of air hanging over streets.   Further but not farther the … More PARTING PLACES