Red and orange table linens stir from breezes sweeping up from a channel leading to the ocean. A quiet seaside town, the homes favoring cubist inspired designs, once glorious, bathe under a lapis lazuli limitless sky. Courtyards painted blue and yellow welcome visitors into cool vestibules for drinks and fresh fruit. There is an unspoken … More FAVORED WINDS


The darkened museum was an effusion of history and rare artifacts.  The floors were well-worn from observers and lovers of art. Paintings, warriors swords and pottery was exhibited in corners or on platforms with detailed descriptions. In one display, a black antique typewriter, a publishing piano, creating concerts of words, striking to the marrow of … More THE SOUND OF KEYS


Long corridors with linoleum floors absorb the stories of lost lambs and hungry wolves. Families and enemies pass flowered wallpaper of peonies and terracotta pots on ordinary days with eyes down never speaking; like meteors at night and shadows during day.   The accessories, lights, exit signs, mailboxes are destroyed or absent. The comingling of … More SURVIVAL


A subtle word resembles a glance of thought, slipping past like sweet breath of liqueur.   Resting back, a Roman blue sky fills the bowl above, averting the eyes from gravity, admiring the wide color.   If rumors develop, they are deposited in a glass jar of gossip where they ferment, unless deadly spoken sins … More FINDING RIGHT


There’s an island I feel in my dreams. A safe current with abundant sun, providing energy without resistance. An open front door offers promise. A bouquet of flowers sits on a hallway table; circling white fans refresh incoming ocean breezes. White sands encourage me and waves orchestrate a welcome. I walk into the water as … More THIS PLACE


Her hand dipped lazily into the fountain. Cloud shadows drifted over the square, shading tourists and children. Summer was yielding to fall. Orange and yellow drinks, wide brimmed hats and tables with lovers settled into a mild afternoon.   The woman at the fountain looked up, shielding her eyes like Cleopatra observing a desert of … More CAPTURED IMAGE


On the backstretch they disappear into the land. The occasional  rising of a head is momentarily glimpsed. Even from here, the pounding of the earth is faintly heard. The crowd remains silent as they emerge from the final curve. Nostrils flaring, leather and sweat, taught reins, hooves ripping the dirt aside. They are massed together. … More RACE DAY


The moon pulled the shoreline into low tide, revealing the oceans resistance in ripples of sand. Treasures lay exposed or half buried in wet sand. Seagulls feed on trapped shells. Pools of water hold small fish soon to meet their end. The strand, dry with wild hair beach grass looks down from its headboard to … More WET SAND


The gates stood tall. Imposing to mortals. Neoclassical lions guarded the sides of the entrance; inanimate yet fearsome. Shrubbery thick like bears bristled under wide armed pine boughs. Thick veins of ivy crawled randomly upward, daring the foolish for a climb. Mercury moonlight slipped through thin clouds, forming gray shadows across an organic surface. A … More DEAD END


The unexpected highlight of yesterday is the creation of an inherited newness for today. The experiences remaining from an over thought of pain or the emptiness from loss, grievously reupholster the waiting soul onto elevated acres of creativity and historic importance; the destination develops the distinctions.   There are new legs of energy, a vaulting … More THE ENERGY OF ONE