His hand slapped the backside of the bass while busy fingers snapped alive the strings into music words he whispers during dreams. When he’s half way around the world he knows he’s finally half way home. Curtains of clouds guide his direction past empty diners and towns without smiles. He never feels lost when on … More BLACK SHOES


A high rigid forest, crowned thick with boughs of brilliant green, lay broad their hands to heaven like wheat fields where breezes melt from blue skies.   A small path below, its surface smooth, relinquishes its space to those who pass; their voices and names remain bound in the safety of mossy blankets.   Long … More A SMOOTH PATH


There’s a watchman, tired and vain. Hair slicked back, eyes without depth and nervous hands; he proudly sports a flowered shirt. He smiles at the moon, knowing he will never make it to the sky and back. He owns a wrecking ball for the future. Dreams slip out of his room before sunrise. He knows … More SONG OF DAY


Next door. Voices. Curtain shadows without faces. Shirts and dresses in and out.   No smiles. No eyes of contact. Front door images jingle keys; a door opens.   Fallen branches. A yard of weeds. Soda cans advertise litter. Ten seasons of leaves.   Spirits without names. A porch without numbers. Never are they neighbors. … More ACROSS THE LINE


Moonlight has no enemies. It circles around the eye of the earth, showing us the favorite side, reserving its right to be specific without reason.   Shadows never speak as they follow close behind, imitating without initiating, patiently waiting for the next sleight of hand or foot.   The wind remains new. Inventing paths at … More AROUND THE SUN


One in the morning. I stretch, turning off the light. My book falls to the floor. Looking up, a cerulean mist hangs as my eyes adjust. A curtain of black soon covers the room. A diesel truck passes by below. A window shuts in anger. The night stand clock hums out of tune; an electric … More EARLY


There is a circle of growth, a watering of slumber, as the eyes retreat to the outlands of shadows where incoming messages open to hallways of sleep. We are captured in the snare of unknown vapors. Feet move. Hands reach. We respond with half words to voices at the backdoor of our thoughts. We twitch … More SOMEPLACE


A wave of voices claims pastures of air lifting up songs of worship and praise encouraging the downcast while healing broken hearts.   The choir reaches into willing souls with keys shaped like notes turning locks and setting loose with words the breath of life.        


There are no illusions when desires are missed. We struggle to maintain a steady path as the grays of life breathe in without restriction; the absence of answers is the darkness within a back pocket.   We decide to move about with a new set of goals firmly attached to us, knowing that the next … More KEEP CLIMBING


I pointed to a full moon suggesting to my cat the enormity of silver so distant favored my yard.   The cat yawned with indifference. Its tail providing a half swish, unimpressed with the depths of space or the light it doesn’t need.   The fireplace snapped with heat, causing one of his ears to … More SILVER