It was the night highway. A place between diners.  Where neon signs slept and traffic didn’t exist; an area absent of social politeness. A place where answers came from dreams and shadows had influence.  Where empty lots and lost dogs crowded near the last highway sign.   Drive on while tires turn the miles like … More NO STOPPING



A day framed.  A window wide with hope.  Dawn drains in silence.  One voice releases, waiting for return.  A vacuum of Thoughts rise, surfacing with a schedule; place, time, one door then another.  Emotions become firm and braced.  The more the listening, knowledge enters with a higher plane.  The land is sweet.  Each step a … More NOW AND AGAIN


His words were a smooth oil, a salve to the faint.  Though wronged in the past, he forgave.  Moved on, removing walls of hurt to reach beyond. When speaking he releases part of himself, filling others with hope, never running out of the light within.  He often says, “Life is too rich to keep it … More SOMEONE


Sounds skipped over the gathering like flat stones over water.  There was no right direction of movement.  Fingers pointed.  Eyes glanced.  Footsteps clapped along equally out of sequence.  The people resembled tall willowy weeds reacting to a brush of random breezes, swaying unevenly as they crossed the street to the other side; searching for closure … More FINISHING OUT


The silence embraced her as she arrived; a comfortable calm with open arms, a place of welcome. She stood with confidence under the boughs of a great tree.  Holding her place. Patient.  A light breeze rustled the edges of her dress.  The leaves above pressed out a soft motion.  In her hand were flowers, freshly … More FINDING COMFORT


Move strong.  Wise steps.  A path of glory. A song on the lips.  High noon.  The aroma of fresh air.  Long roads beckon.  New towns stare at the curious.  Billboards sell air time. Traffic lights hold us back.  Sidewalks never wide enough.  Church steeples all point. School yards wait for recess.  Cars know their owners.  … More OK, NOW GO


Night silent.  An oftentimes offering of words significant to the owners beholding the presence of the moon, as it transgresses a black curtain.   It’s a perfect circle, from where we stand, suspended in different phases as the days of the month encourage celestial restructuring; its back side, hidden, remaining out of view.   We … More ABOVE IT ALL


He leaned with curiosity.  Both hands on the neck of the shovel; his left leg slightly bent.  A wide brim hat created a recessed cavern for the eyes to hide.  The top two buttons of the blue shirt lay unhinged; sweat streaked under the well-worn cloth.  Dusty untied shoes expressed the unwholesomeness from the loss … More CAPTURED