resurrecting self, folktales, adventures, surviving a space invaded with good works and deeds overlooked,   the misdirection of obvious road signs while inspecting the caged animal within   as chains loosen, constant pressure, the escape is inevitable, beyond the guardian, to be accepted or misunderstood            


Always looking for the next bus that would take him to where he belongs   not sure which direction and weather has no say   traveling with a good hat and short story secrets, the ones unable to explain with just one line   roads have adopted him pushing him beyond crossroads     cant … More ONE DAY


Move strong.  Wise steps.  A path of glory. A song on the lips.  High noon.  The aroma of fresh air.  Long roads beckon.  New towns stare at the curious.  Billboards sell air time. Traffic lights hold us back.  Sidewalks never wide enough.  Church steeples all point. School yards wait for recess.  Cars know their owners.  … More OK, NOW GO


There is no poverty with adventure when pockets are full of travel. Stories of wide fields with no boundaries wait with expectations; words of surprise fill the spaces between. Morning appears drowsy until the first step, where treasures await and diners serve up fresh warm pie. Heads or tails can point the direction. Rain creates … More ONE MORE BRIDGE