there’s another place a city road leading to the edge where red roses color a meadow and a forest line provides a crooked path, like an open door, unseen, but known to wanderers, owning the sense of the line crossed over, where shadows are honored like myself to have been there once


The favor of rain washed the city. Wandering masquerades of hats and umbrellas blossom the storm. Vehicle horns curse the air.  Sewer covers are the genius of casual art work.  Steam pipes eject from below the devils exhaust.  Puddles reflect the sky, passing tires shatter the image. Linens smoothly wave themselves dry. A cat warms … More A FULL WASH


Move strong.  Wise steps.  A path of glory. A song on the lips.  High noon.  The aroma of fresh air.  Long roads beckon.  New towns stare at the curious.  Billboards sell air time. Traffic lights hold us back.  Sidewalks never wide enough.  Church steeples all point. School yards wait for recess.  Cars know their owners.  … More OK, NOW GO


Night silent.  An oftentimes offering of words significant to the owners beholding the presence of the moon, as it transgresses a black curtain.   It’s a perfect circle, from where we stand, suspended in different phases as the days of the month encourage celestial restructuring; its back side, hidden, remaining out of view.   We … More ABOVE IT ALL


From the top of the stairs an opening appears, past street lights and buildings without windows.  A rippled blanket of dusty air turns up after trucks and buses. Humidity attacks the skin with the local flavor from back alleys and abandoned trash. A screen door slaps shut.  A voice rises above the din of traffic … More OUT THERE


Cottages are closed. Shutters replace screens. A few toys forgotten on lawns. A fishing pole leans against. the shed.  The lilac bush is asleep.  Lawn chairs stacked. The porch is empty.  Rose bushes covered.  Mail boxes prepare for winter.  Scattered leaves dot lawns and roads.  A few seagulls pass quietly overhead.  A stray cat wanders … More LOOKING ABOUT


He possessed great words.  Blocks of released thoughts, the granite of wisdom.  His words took flight, escaping the boundaries of conversations, creating a new understanding between the lines of ordinary sentences. Like spring blossoming, he opened the pedals of stories, heating the imagination, striking the iron of curiosity.   His posture presented authority.  His tone … More FULL FLIGHT


The vestibule reacted with a swirling of music; hands clapping, people opening with generosity of song.  The stone floor echoed like a thousand flat stones skipping on smooth waters.  Leaded colored glass spread its glow across filled pews. Words of faith warmed the room. Emotions resembled a layer of deep water, solid and without interruption. … More TOGETHER


The clouds were squared up in misted puffs, moving in silent streams, blocking all evidence of an earlier blue sky where sunlight passed through leaded glass. Hands cut from stone, prepare for the storm.  Clothes from line are grasped like children walking too close to fire.  The winds begin to speak; its inertia not always … More PREPARE


The release of loss Should be a temporary dark over; like a half smile, part with you, part at you.   It’s when confessions drip from a repentant tongue, loosening squeaky thoughts, relieved to be free.   The inside of healing words fight to the surface, struggling for new air; a chance for old shadows … More THIS DAY