Lowell, Massachusetts, 1937

Industry.  Merrimack River.

Red brick factories.  Wallpaper sweat.

Stained hats.  Greasy fingers.

Oiled boots.  Gloves soaked in time.

Mixed aromas.  Twelve hour shifts.

Five minute breaks.  Bag lunches.

Overalls with snaps.  Tattoos with

faces.  Eyes glasses smeared.  Black

acne spots.  Machines crunching.

Narrow walkways.  Wooden floors.

Noise upon noise.  Laboring fans.

Glass transoms.  Metal chips.  Monster

lathes.  Dim lighting.  Open doors.

Fathers and sons.  Window patina.

Soured bathrooms.  Lever and handles.

Pulleys and winches.  Injuries without

recovery.  Familiar faces.  Lost dreams.

Today looks like tomorrow.



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