It’s a long whistle putting the hand on men and women as the earth tilts pulling them past open wooden doors into the maze of machinery where generations stood and counted hours and years until the next bodies of youth replaced names on lockers and punch clock numbers as the work produced exceeded the quality … More MACHINE SHOP

Lowell, Massachusetts, 1937

Industry.  Merrimack River. Red brick factories.  Wallpaper sweat. Stained hats.  Greasy fingers. Oiled boots.  Gloves soaked in time. Mixed aromas.  Twelve hour shifts. Five minute breaks.  Bag lunches. Overalls with snaps.  Tattoos with faces.  Eyes glasses smeared.  Black acne spots.  Machines crunching. Narrow walkways.  Wooden floors. Noise upon noise.  Laboring fans. Glass transoms.  Metal chips.  … More Lowell, Massachusetts, 1937


Determined eyes. Chiseled granite. Men full of strength. Sycamore trees with arms; skin of mules and rigid steeled hands. Their youth bottle necked with fights and chain link fence. Clapboard shacks leaned with time. Clothes were coal smoke soaked. Dust was the life of everything. It was a place of bold brassy men with beer … More THE OTHER SIDE


Blue heavens and fair winds Find favor above clouds. A multiple spattering of voices linger under a sea of skies, busily reshaping without notice from below. A misty day resembling spilled wax quiets travelers; hands hold subway handles and scratched gray metal poles. Fast with a furious sway the tunneling of trench coats and briefcases … More UNDERGROUND