We are names and places, forged

within the stages of history.  Sadness

and blessings merge spirit and soul

to begin again, to fight on or forgive.


George Bennard, felt the roughened timbers

of the, “Old Rugged Cross.”


Carl Boberg, lifted the hands of millions with,

“How Great Thou Art.”


Sabine Gould, marched with nations against

enemies near and far with, “Onward Christian



Augustus Toplady, found his strength from a,

“Rock Of Ages.”


John Wesley, listened to a heavenly chorus

singing, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing.”


Horatio Spafford, when all was lost, penned

in his grief, “It Is Well With My Soul.”


And John Newton, no longer a slave captain,

Blessed us with, “Amazing Grace.”


Your ears have heard.

Your mouth shall speak.


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