he whispered… softly,   “one more day,”   of sun summer to walk laugh forgive hold pray feel the rain the dirt winter encourage cry sing be kind send a card like myself pet my cat touch the ocean salt air a photo of my parents   he whispered softly   “one more….     … More SOFTLY


Be the road long and unending with steps repeating   like a drum releasing a beat while stepping through a curtain of promises to the other side   where removing and separating is no longer blurred like underwater images   we try to forget   surfacing a little less broken


It’s the things that make you……….   The last stone in the wall, A single word worth more than many, The look that holds the attention, The song full of what we need, The day regardless of rain or sun, The dance that fills you with good, The voice you run too, The screen door … More YOUR SONG


We are names and places, forged within the stages of history.  Sadness and blessings merge spirit and soul to begin again, to fight on or forgive.   George Bennard, felt the roughened timbers of the, “Old Rugged Cross.”   Carl Boberg, lifted the hands of millions with, “How Great Thou Art.”   Sabine Gould, marched … More NAMES OF GOLD