Wide streets cluttered with life.

Threads of voices.  Open market.

Awnings with stripes.  Aprons

with pockets.  Busy hands, strong

and soft.  Silk skirts.  Cut flowers,

carnation strong.  Youth with a vision.

The world moving on sidewalks.

Colorful hydrants.  White walled tires.

Black Cadillac’s.  Patent leather shoes.

Gold chains.  Grandmothers watching.

Package store drinkers.  Trucks and taxis.

Deli fat sandwiches.  Cheese and wax.

Soda bottle tops.  Open barroom doors.

Men sitting on steps.  Shirts open.

Cigarettes and cigars.  Laughter.  Open

windows.  Curtains reaching out.  Fire

escapes rusting.  Red brick.  Brownstones.

Fedoras tipped.  Perfume slips by.

The street owns the day.

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