The moon   a legend in the sky   a face to talk to a light to cry under   a beacon for our paths alongside rivers shorelines and late night sidewalks   we observe from here at the basement of gravity a beauty that haunts us.


The alley weary brick lined its surface scarred the aroma of dampness lingering waits expectantly for its fraction of sunlight   never enough to heal the sordid lingering air like sidewalks wide streets or parks where children play   the alley is the center between buildings holding out for a few angled moments    


The streets are me broken chains of thought in the company of whistles and horns a subway below sidewalks of people fishing for space between crosswalks while a guitar and sax play songs for quarters and dimes all beneath a sun and clouds forming shade and shadows as the engine is motion  


  The sidewalk is a stream, a playground, an escape without arrows to point the way out. Fallen stars, the scattering of dreamers believing in second chances, light the city at night. Children remain close by, guarded by the fences of stern warnings.  Their visions asleep as they accept the ideas of less.  Surrounding aromas … More NOT FAR FROM HERE


Street, flat out. Oversize shirts, yellow and striped.  Coats without arms.  A song in a walk; shoes envy the beat. Broad strokes of colored hair. A beard, a flash of checkered pants.  Sandals and combat boots.  A skateboard has lost its rider.  Subways rattle. Steam pipes hiss. Rain coats under blue skies. Hats without rain … More SIXTH AVENUE


THURSDAY     Desperate hands open street awnings. The shade is welcome to pedestrians. The aroma of flowers and fruit swell through the street. Eyes of suspicion avoid contact but are curious nonetheless. Men with unbuttoned shirts and gold chains snap gum to the beat of their polished shoes. A gust of air lifts the … More THURSDAY


Songs from radios collide into disturbed air over the sidewalk. Sleeveless young men stand carelessly with searching eyes watching women pass. Street lights flicker. Cigarette smoke creeps lazily over shoulders from parted lips. A car horn trumpets a signal, forcing interest where none exists. Thick brass bolts secure storefronts to sleep until dawn stirs.   … More COOLING SIDEWALKS


We are water in a great river. Each with a clock buried deep within as we search for a place not yet seen.   We move in flocks and herds, down roads without numbers, climbing stairs to doors unfamiliar.   There is a calling within a few. A message scrawled on the heart, a word … More RUNNING THE RACE


Wide streets cluttered with life. Threads of voices.  Open market. Awnings with stripes.  Aprons with pockets.  Busy hands, strong and soft.  Silk skirts.  Cut flowers, carnation strong.  Youth with a vision. The world moving on sidewalks. Colorful hydrants.  White walled tires. Black Cadillac’s.  Patent leather shoes. Gold chains.  Grandmothers watching. Package store drinkers.  Trucks and … More HARLEM