There is a sleep murmur, a language of slumber, half words absent of full thoughts, verbal creations satisfying the ears while agreeing with suggestions; nodding of the head and smiling before slipping back to sleep. Dreams offer partial direction, indicating the chance to be or the place be all appears right, and above question. Night … More THE OTHER SIDE


          Delinquent fingers march fence tops and window fronts.   Crawling clouds fade my steps from gray and light.   Knots of words race to the surface filling a quiet space.   Days are pages folded over, holding secrets, revealing lies.   The forever looks far and flat with so many … More TOO MANY BRIDGES


              I saw a winking moon hide behind kingly pines   where silence finds comfort in darkened leaning shadows   and silver liquid beams slipped through thick boughs.   Round and full faced that hanging around moon delivers light to forest paths guiding my way.   Promising me a … More WINKING MOON


I AM NEAR       Nestled behind a row of kingly pines a winking moon steps between branches where silence finds comfort in darkened angles and leaning shadows.   Jagged lunar light crosses over paths. The wind is silent, adding to night’s strength.   I am alighted in the direction of home. My boots … More I AM NEAR


A night song drifted past weeping mid-summer magnolias as it marks a pathways thru cool pockets of air to an opening where voices shadow whisper weaving end day stories to capture hearts. Midnight calls without alarm. Time has no respect.  A crescent moon finds space between passing clouds.  The field receives a carpet of silver.  … More AN OPEN FIELD


Talk to me oh bass with wells deep and voices strong as if the earth were grinding under the souls of us snapping fingers like the pop of July 4th as stars explode high in wide skies untouched by voices but regularly with the rub of strings the bass man slides alive


A day fills the pages for night dreams. Songs settle into wide branches while lovers speak in whisper language. Night is blind to evil.  The land is filled with stiff gray images. A jagged twisting wind circles over smooth faces. Silence holds the greatest of weight under an early sliver of moon. Dreams open the … More FOREVER GONE


I am downwind from the crossroads, adrift on the offside a thought. I hear the language of midnight calling where there is no second choice. A vine of clouds snake twist over a blue gray sky.  Rain is far off, though moving closer within the halves of minutes. Here at a back stairway any door … More THE NEXT CORNER


          Songs overflow from doors opening to the sidewalk where.neon lights baptize the weak, stirring the curiosity of a night strung tight while others pray in alleys whispering their sins under a celestial curtain as stars cross behind the black of space where not a molecule is out of place as … More FINDING NIGHT