There was a silence unbroken when midnight had passed. The street, the town, all quiet like a rock.  Above, a black horizon dotted with unnamed galaxies. I point out the stars with my finger as I surrender a warm breath into a cool evening; it fades slowly while joining dark fathoms.  My steps draw a … More ALMOST THERE


A back porch guitar man sends a song into an alley.  Sweat stains his hat and baptizes his shirt. He sings of cards, gin, smoke and lies. Sure fingers free the fear he protects.   Pigeons rustle nervously above. Strangers shuffle by, chasing last night’s dreams.  A cat circles a trach can.   He pushes … More HIS PLACE


The oversight of day. The thinkers living on caffeine. The poets and playwrights.  The The oppressed and faithful.  They all come to the Midnight Diner.   A box car express rumbles by as cars with dents and paint scrubbed by desert winds breach the dirt parking lot, gliding over pot holes and crushed beer cans. … More WELCOME


Street lights sign in as dusk resigns to darkness. Scattered shadows of leaves dance on midnight sidewalks. Homes sleep in silence. Dark breezes lift curtain edges, creating life from worn cloth. Porch lights dot the galaxy of streets. Picket fences keep strangers away but ghosts pass through freely. A train whistle, distant yet sharp, bleeds … More MIDNIGHT


A metal framed door, thick with chicken wire glass, opens with a rusty song as midnight patrons scuff over a black and white cracked tile floor landing in a corner booth.   Familiar faces, hard eyes, hats tipped, faded shirts and untied sneakers whisper crackling news of cellophane stories into leaning ears anxious for unhinged … More WHY HERE


The strings of stars descend from higher heavens where daydreams begin and eyes are quenched with cool water while songs sing of the forgets.   The black sphere above us holds the end of something far greater than imagination; wild orchids become lost on the canvas of celestial darkness.   Gardens below sleep, breathing under … More BEFORE SUNRISE


Off balanced laboring fans push diner air onto walls stained yellow.   Customers lean over tables, whispering, pointing fingers and then laughing, breaking into the clatter of plates and silverware.   Waitress’ weave around tables delivering the beginning of meals.   Counter people nod to the cook who prepares their regular.   The door opens. … More GOOD COMPANY


I am swimming in the water of stars. My skin becomes moon soaked with velvet blue and soft sheets of silver. Cool air refreshes my energy. Over shadowed by pines of night green I hold my eyes open, absorbing the greatness of a black distance. I am arrested by the awe at the bottom of … More MY QUIET


The moon is a reflection in the eyes of night people.   A silver casting from above draws over dark ground, forming gray shadows on the leeward side of standing objects.   A flat moon face gazes into our small space where we huddle, looking up, wondering the distance and how to get back.   … More REFLECTION


There are visions of highway men late at night.  Cars slow, looking about. Weary travelers without planning. Sounds increase past midnight, raising caution and suspicion. Ragged freight trains punch pull through town.  Dogs sleep off day with restless legs and twitching ears, chasing spirit cats in dreams. A church bell runs out three. Thieves fail … More LATE, VERY LATE