A dusky silk rain dampened warm humid air as a pale green yellow sky yielded to a pressing night   a choir nearby rises through an open window singing under the wings of angels   Church candles weep during long prayers the flickering light slips over calm waters where a hypnotic intermittent sound of frogs … More OVER THE WATER


There’s power in the myth, a giant within, having authority to transport the story in hypnotic waves, beckoning us into another world with casual paths or orthodox oppression.   It’s a partial creative thought, the ones pedestrians feel when a summer sun heats both sides of the street, fostering orphaned words with blunt force, igniting … More TALL TALES


Late into night images appear on the ceiling as sharp angles or momentary slivers of light.  Car beams, neon flashes and street light reflections crawl across the plaster, occasionally colliding, forming several twisting random kaleidoscopes.   The images are perishable opportunities to witness a place in the past or a sign for the future.   … More PARK STREET