It was a drama unfolding, an energy of words on the attack, like a fountain of urchins catapulting in air creating and irregular sky. Abstract people shapes resembled stick drawings waving hands and arms like newspapers going aloft; creatures of thought, working the stream.  There was no refuge from the granite of opinions, as the … More MY POINT


Late into night images appear on the ceiling as sharp angles or momentary slivers of light.  Car beams, neon flashes and street light reflections crawl across the plaster, occasionally colliding, forming several twisting random kaleidoscopes.   The images are perishable opportunities to witness a place in the past or a sign for the future.   … More PARK STREET


We are fitted into time. Rooted to the frame.  The anchor of decision secures us to levels of choices. Voices filling rooms stir ideas that are uncharted and unimagined until turned over, exposing a plan. Lights with dusty gray eyes hold the path darkly lit. Adventure seizes the moment with unsolicited beckoning. Bravery held in … More THAT WAY