Frail sparrows wait without flight at the take-out counter.  The aroma reduces the chill of hunger; accepting gladly the warm prize they turn with hope, stepping out into the cold.   Fast thoughts whisk across tables and counters.  Words mixed with coffee and cigarettes fuel pointing fingers as the world is explored over hamburgers and … More OPEN SHADOWS


It was the night highway. A place between diners.  Where neon signs slept and traffic didn’t exist; an area absent of social politeness. A place where answers came from dreams and shadows had influence.  Where empty lots and lost dogs crowded near the last highway sign.   Drive on while tires turn the miles like … More NO STOPPING


Move strong.  Wise steps.  A path of glory. A song on the lips.  High noon.  The aroma of fresh air.  Long roads beckon.  New towns stare at the curious.  Billboards sell air time. Traffic lights hold us back.  Sidewalks never wide enough.  Church steeples all point. School yards wait for recess.  Cars know their owners.  … More OK, NOW GO


A jukebox holds a corner of the room hostage. Half lit.  Its neon’s struggle to blink.  A scratchy song labors in love.  Diner patrons huddle in whispers.  A black and white checkered floor supports night traffic.  Crumpled napkins on the tables; one has a phone number written in red.  Green cracked seat cushions welcome the … More THE GATHERING


The oversight of day. The thinkers living on caffeine. The poets and playwrights.  The The oppressed and faithful.  They all come to the Midnight Diner.   A box car express rumbles by as cars with dents and paint scrubbed by desert winds breach the dirt parking lot, gliding over pot holes and crushed beer cans. … More WELCOME


From the desert floor a veil of mist rises from the hardships of last night. Everything moves in slow motion. There are no winds to push the sand to the next arroyo. Cactus absorbs mornings moisture. Creatures spread their colors in search of today’s menu. The sky beams a bright blue not listed on any … More DESERT MORNING


The waitress dropped her pencil onto the floor where it comfortably saddled up next to an abandoned French fry at the base of a full counter where men of labor ate like starving horses and business men sipped hot tea and ladies used their napkins, all under foggy stained lights as the crowd spoke loud … More WARM FOOD


Nothing good happens after 2am. Freight trains rattle the roads, shaking plates and stirring dogs. Streetlights blink a hazy yellow. Everything appears closed. Neon signs sleep. Doors are locked against the wrong keys. A black cat stares at a garbage can shadow. City buses have yielded themselves to the station. Thieves and robbers speak in … More STEAK & EGGS


Off balanced laboring fans push diner air onto walls stained yellow.   Customers lean over tables, whispering, pointing fingers and then laughing, breaking into the clatter of plates and silverware.   Waitress’ weave around tables delivering the beginning of meals.   Counter people nod to the cook who prepares their regular.   The door opens. … More GOOD COMPANY


          Lazy snake trains slumber overhead, listing hard into long rusty corners, rattling like bones in pain resembling old men walking to the park.   Dark cafes list yesterday’s menus where hungry hands rain down with forks and sharp knives, scratching plates while lovers kiss and strangers stare.   Sidewalks spotted … More YESTERDAYS MENU