It was a day dedicated to high relief, with many paths, chosen and forced; like spiders fleeing heavy noises.   Statues watched with granite eyes the song of traffic and voice passing beneath stone arms lined with pigeons, as the faces merge like many streams into one great river.   Eyelashes wink at an edging … More THIS DAY


A single florescent yellow light randomly hummed a static frenzy over a black and white tiled floor. The air was stagnant as if drugged. Brown paneled walls, stained and cracked, closed in with coffin anxiety. Music from the apartment above attempted an escape through the ceiling above our heads. A lazy dust coated fan oscillated … More THE BOOKSTORE


Bring on the ancestral winds, the colliding of clouds with thunder rolling and breaking silent valleys and the souls of weak men. Let the deep of the deep surface, Let it breathe to the top and bring with it forceful sounds and the wet of rain and clean satin moisture promising to wash city dust … More CLOUDING UP