Bring on the ancestral winds, the colliding of clouds with thunder rolling and breaking into silent valleys and the souls of weak men. Let the deep of the deep surface, Let it breathe to the top and bring with it forceful sounds and the wet of rain and clean satin moisture promising to wash city … More CLOUDING UP


A jukebox holds a corner of the room hostage. Half lit.  Its neon’s struggle to blink.  A scratchy song labors in love.  Diner patrons huddle in whispers.  A black and white checkered floor supports night traffic.  Crumpled napkins on the tables; one has a phone number written in red.  Green cracked seat cushions welcome the … More THE GATHERING


THURSDAY     Desperate hands open street awnings. The shade is welcome to pedestrians. The aroma of flowers and fruit swell through the street. Eyes of suspicion avoid contact but are curious nonetheless. Men with unbuttoned shirts and gold chains snap gum to the beat of their polished shoes. A gust of air lifts the … More THURSDAY


It’s long and sleek, it’s my 47 black Mercury with satin fingers for tires and manicured white walls breaking through the barriers in every town and over state lines. Bold chrome teeth bite the air. No road is safe when exhaust dusts trees and tilted mailboxes. I got another ride in me, another road to … More CRUISING


Raging winds ran the streets like wolves in search of unsuspecting prey. Hats took flight. Garbage can lids spiraled like runaway Olympic discus’. Newspapers trashed the sky with yesterdays sales and obituaries. Hats tumbled like children on the last day of school. Down 7th avenue a gust of random winds created the sound of trains … More ROTTEN APPLE


Voices circled down from a red-brown rusty skeleton framed fire escape. The landings between floors offering an escape from inside heat and crying children.   Men with sleeveless t-shirts drink and smoke cigarettes. Young women whisper and then giggle, drawing the leering attention of men in the alley.   A cat sleeps leisurely like driftwood. … More RUSTY SKELETON


A curtain. Formed white. Soft folded ribbons. Linen eyes lust under the handle of breezes, searching the alley below; considering heavens of gods and men walking.   Strong sunlight. Warming rays. A morning of fullness surrounds summers fragrance; tar paper roofs, garbage, stagnant water. The breath of the city.   Voices slip from windows. Coughing; … More FROM A WINDOW


A sympathetic rain washed the face of the street. Parked cars, asleep and cold lined the street. Buildings with lighted towers reached into low clouds. Gray shadows feel lazily over sidewalks.   Umbrellas mushroomed up, into weaving patterns, forming a covenant between head and heaven.   A fair wind lifted fallen newspapers and hats while … More FINDING SPACE


The waitress dropped her pencil onto the floor where it comfortably saddled up next to an abandoned French fry at the base of a full counter where men of labor ate like starving horses and business men sipped hot tea and ladies used their napkins, all under foggy stained lights as the crowd spoke loud … More WARM FOOD


The sight of day vanishes as if cut. Underground tremors release into tunnels creating monster echoes. The train becomes absorbed in an ocean of dark air.   Doors fling open. Warm gaseous fumes slap morning faces. The platform fills with legs and shoes and eyes looking down; children are still home in bed.   The … More ARRIVING