A drawing on the wall attracts


An old couple shake their heads

and then their fists.

A young woman reaches out,

touching the colors.

A dog walks by.

A pregnant woman scans the image

while rubbing her abdomen.

Two young boys on bikes laugh

and ride off.

A city bus stops.  Passengers step

off and separate, noticing nothing.

A man and a woman contemplate the

wall. arguing as they walk away.

A nun passes by quickly, her eyes

rigidly forward.

A soldier presses his hand to his


A rabbi stops, looking intently and

then begins to cry.


2 thoughts on “THE EYES HAVE IT

  1. Powerful! Thank you.

    Maybe you’ll have time to check into my blog/book and give me some feedback too?
    I tried following you, but an error message keeps popping up. WIll keep trying.

    Enjoy the rest of November!


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