He found the door with hands like arrows. He escaped into a cold breathing wind where his footsteps moved in long strides past idle trees waiting for a season To wake them up he walked briskly onto a field cleared of stones by hands long turned to dust as he moved away into shadows under … More JUST MOVING


A spreading sky, gray-lavender, dry and uneven, formed a canopy of thick silence like a storm without wind. Circles of air, twisted vapor ghosts without form rise from prairie sand backyards where weeds fail to grow and old cars find a home. Curtains lip out of open windows, hoping to escape while a windmill spins, … More DUSTBOWL


I am a blueprint for the next day, an opportunity waiting to open. There is strength in the words I read and speak.  I am wisdom preparing to share the libraries within me. Laughter is the definition of my heart. Sadness affects us all, until we strive to rid ourselves of dark veils. My hands … More LET FLY


Where’s the song I remember? The one we all knew, at least some of us did. From radios on beaches, flowing out car windows and down hallways playing its tune. The song bridled a sweetness to the air, a message of words, a rhythm, where fingers tapped and heads nodded. Like life, things fade.  Memories … More THAT SONG


A renewed moon gained celestial strength, rising over tree tops, spreading silver lines onto quiet night streets . The town green possesses a dark silence under the gray shadow of a heaven pointing steeple. The church bell signs its presence into cool air as the sound reaches slate roofs and clapboard homes. The town lives … More SLATE ROOFS


It’s a great river, pushing currents Grinding out paths where flow and tides Gain strength, rising then cresting back Working the heart, gaining speed Unable to stop, the clock its motion Simply fights in silence.   Youth escapes from bronzed summer skin, Uncombed hair, footprints thought to last, Fade regardless of prayers, tears or anger. … More TIME


A low lazy fan struggles through thick humid air; the blades ache with unbalanced rotation. Large dark inviting leather chairs back up to marble pillars in the lobby. They wait like flytraps for listless visitors, absorbing skeletal souls into bottomless comfort. Outside equatorial winds briskly rustle about leaves, ladies hats and satin scarfs. Kenya is … More KENYA


Mirrors spy on the eyes, drawing them to the vortices of reflection; celebrating the good, condemning the faults. Each glance a smile or frown, changing the weather of the heart into storms or sun; the soul of self, shoulders up to the day. Like the surety of high winds aloft the image we see is … More MERCY


A centurion wind marched over tree tops with a fluster of noise, disturbing green leaves, pulling a few away, tumbling through branches, scattering them on the ground to early defeat. Sparrows rushed as if on fire, lifting and landing, searching for cover then up and out for another place. Wide streams of wind rushed flat … More COLD HANDS


LOOKING WITHIN What visions hold fast of the eyes looking within?  The inward glance. The casual unprovoked sense of probing about like a child seeking a lost toy. What comes before us as we search? A half memory faded like leaves Of autumn. Names without faces and faces without names.  Places by the ocean or … More LOOKING WITHIN