It was a disconnected light, un-renewed and abandoned, laboring to produce gray from cold morning shadows; leafless branches stretch out, separating earth from sky.   Songs of preparing and moving lift from homes and streets. A fresh start blesses the soul in search of a brighter path than what appears before them.   What gains … More MOUNTAINS


The equatorial spin releases warm winds and trailing mists forming erratic clouds amassing into giants spreading over latitudes and longitudes blanketing cities and continents delivering rain and shade forming shadows until the high and thin, flat and long vanish into the air that gave it birth.          


It’s a cleansing a falling of warm comfort or cold for thirst, running from streams to oceans cast down from openings the drops add to earth’s bounty the catch basin never filling or emptying held steadfast by shorelines the great walls retaining the formidable wrath of angry giants searching, hoping for an escape, a way … More SHORELINES


Crawling sideways through pines smiling of chrome an autumn moon takes command like lightening without sound drawing my eyes as if pulled by strong tides I gaze not for just a moment but I search as I have countless times its cold distant face and will again when pleasantly captured by it its presence once … More MOON SPACE


There is a beautiful between sunset and the pulling arms of night. Where a whisper breaches the veils of soft light and willow branch lips release satin thoughts.   Turquoise eyes swim in the wander of catching shadows while we stand under a failing gray sky, listening to quiet.   A ballet of hands dance … More ONE VOICE


From the terrace, half abandoned daylight slowly disconnects itself, yielding to a gray-crimson shade until night paints dark. Small shadowed noises sound like giants wrestling. Bats curve the air. An owl holds court on a royal top branch. Working arms of winds stretch into branches, whistling a low shudder, pulsing the ground. The moon howls … More HALF COLD, HALF HOT


There was a breeze of shivers forcing on a weather thick coat and wool hat while hands sheltered in pockets wished for home. The last of leaves tumble and glide to a waiting surface, their fleeting beauty carpets the ground. The rising of chimney smoke quickly curves over, merging silently into an ocean of cold … More BREATHE OUT


A thousand winds with hands descended from purple blue skies bending heads of slumbered wheat into waves of yellow oceans.   The aroma of a distant heaven surrounds me, the vulnerable self, as the earth moves beneath me.   I am a speck of sand, a feather lifted every morning as I first breathe in … More YELLOW WAVES


Shadow whispers boiled up in the place.   Overtures of innocent violence stirred idle fingers.   Unbroken sunshine dominated the blue of deep skies.   A sediment of faces is a beach of tides.   An undertow washes away colors of us, revealing old stains.   The street, a hungry animal, searches to devourer, never … More MY FRIEND


A low rumbling, a quiet menace brooding on the horizon.   A language of sounds, partial to heaven, bearing ominous clouds above the reach of man.   Evil markings retire day’s shadows, relinquishing space to a greater force; heavy weather stirs in eyes gazing upward.   Hands cover heads and faces as rain presses the … More HEAVY WEATHER