he sits, sipping his tea on a porch before meadows and mountains familiar to his voice and supplications, under stars and bright sun, considering dreams, some real some reminders  of a good life with songs brightly sung and poetry, the puzzle of words, that some plainly grasp, but for a few, the message remains deep … More CLEARLY


seclusion is my inspiration of alone unbroken time, a silent bloom to create, construct and listen to winds and waves while considering the advice from clouds under a galaxy of private space with incense of thought filling corners, walking over crossroads


Always looking for the next bus that would take him to where he belongs   not sure which direction and weather has no say   traveling with a good hat and short story secrets, the ones unable to explain with just one line   roads have adopted him pushing him beyond crossroads     cant … More ONE DAY


In time, underlined words on paper, the favorites of phrases, become illegible, though not forgotten as our temperature to change thoughts creates undercurrents from a thick darkness within.   The answers to our delicate puzzles can be fragile, larger than what there was. Every chance attempted is an epic motion within our history; trying times … More THE MOTH


The life in words is the poem yet created.  An unrefined treasure, a stone of beauty desperate for cutting, a tree to be pruned. It’s a labor of decision until the pen strikes open the curtain of memory and a visionary dream bursts to the surface under curious hands. Songs of souls live on the … More RELEASING WORDS