forgiveness looks back from the mirror with half smiles, like the lesser wings of angels   it’s the time lost, the unscheduled acts of life, trapped in water, with the allure of youth washed out in scars and wounds   wrinkles unstoppable speak a visible war of seasons in constant forward motion       … More A MIRRORS VOICE


Rodeo days slip into his dreams   he owns a crooked walk from a youth of injuries   unshaven   a tipped hat frayed collar faithful jeans boots full of stories   wrinkles honor him of places forgotten and doors left open   dogs watch him without growling as he moves on.       … More HALF SMILE


The noise of previous shame arises without notice without explanation without a  name   it’s the bell that cannot be unrung the water that pushes us uphill   it compresses the heart with uncertain destiny releasing to the surface the dog days of every season   it takes great energy to suppress and smooth the … More WHY ME


The area between dreams is the thirst of sleepers. They drink in the invisible waiting for troubled angels to produce from silvery darkness a face in the mirror a nameless misfortune or the salt of visions with piercing shadows, and familiar voices; the wrinkles of life not available during the day.        


Hallway footsteps create a sad rhythm. Neon lights break over cracked linoleum.  The elderly carry groceries in a cold wind; their facial wrinkles are road maps of experience.   Young people speak of someplace else. They gather under stars of tragedy, dreaming in black and white; visions unworthy of being in color. Their lives grasp … More SOMEWHERE STRANGERS


Bring the grave to the steps and the memories will follow; sun stained wallpaper and leaded windows fade, but not your name. There’s something in my pocket, a note from you and a penciled smile from a name lifted from earth.   I forgot the sound of your voice but remember your joy on a … More ONE MORE TIME