He was a mountain of few words a river flowing through the house, mostly out. Conversations were awkward creating uncomfortable moments, too many to count. His love was his work a place he escaped to without guilt of leaving those behind, considering it his duty; I knew he would rather be somewhere else. He grew … More MY FATHER


regarded as the outsider   music and song crossing borders through the senses to make sense, for the combinations to work   dialogue success of an idea desperate creation painting over painting confidence and conviction   the pop and snap the finished product   the conclusion with unlimited opinions        


unkempt hours lacking value steal the breath out of day   anxious wishing tries to move time, though fails against the push   within the clutter of desks and chairs heads lean like gravestones while the eyes of one look like the eyes of another      


The crossing of shadows marks street windows with blurred reflections absent of color. Quick steps and shoulders slip the stream.  The sidewalk is a meadow of shoes, turning, twisting, scuffed and shined, all with purpose and impatience. The people are a mix of ragged granules; the sands of a city shoreline on the move.  Eye … More RAGGED GRANULES


We become reduced by the strength of day; it starts like honey but can turn to tar. We seek shade under the cool of willows, harmless on a rivers edge, there branches whisper as breezes slip through. Songs of riches bring us to the mountain of hope. Wealth fails to provide the joy as seasons … More BURN OFF


We are the audience of a passing world, the under stage of observing, an indifference to do what’s right at the cost of singled out. The wounds we endure, touched off by salt water opinions and acts of hate, burn to the core, fostering impatience and anger.  Repetitious stories attempt To swallow us within the … More UPSTREAM