It’s a train car without wheels. A gathering for the subculture.  An information center of new and yet to happen. It’s a stopover between this and that.  Art deco, vinyl and stainless steel.  Formica countertops and a bathroom without a lock. A jukebox with failed neon’s struggles in the corner.  Eggs and coffee all day. … More AN EMPTY SEAT


From the third story window, traffic below releases a voice. The aroma of warm asphalt, oil and exhaust rises into the space between tired buildings.  People imitate the ants below their feet; swerving to avoid contact. Passing anger remains concealed within; learned by everyone to survive.  Eyes gaze from open windows, scanning the streets and … More OPEN WALK


FROM UP HERE     Shadows run charcoal, flat like iron painted across walls as it spills silently onto a fallowed field suffering from a lack of love.   A blood sun spreads rivers over streets and sides of tired brick buildings.   An emotional wind creates sounds resembling words whispered through fences and back … More FROM UP HERE

The Next Step

A low wind without voice brushed the small third story window where she looked out. The ocean, not far away, lay clam like a lion dreaming of the hunt.   Her bed, unmade.  Covers tossed, evidence of nights trappings and the places in-between.    She whispers a psalm from waking lips.  Coffee completes the eyes … More The Next Step


Satin coated drops of water course randomly off green canvas awnings outside my bedroom window.   A summer morning filled with rumbling and capricious winds stirs me in my warm cotton cocoon.   As I open half dreaming eyes, the aroma of wet grass welcomes me.   The fragrance of coffee wafts through the rooms. … More CANVAS AWNINGS


Windowsills are portraits of life inside, the evidence of expression with colors and shapes.   Each opening is a signal of suggestion from the person within; chimes, stained glass, children’s art, toothpick stickmen or paper animals.   Windowsills are the eyes of buildings, watching to the “out” while welcoming the “in” with a glance.