darkness covers the linen of skin, folding over with day lost, the sky closes out   the feel of sun warm breezes surrender to shadows replacing colors with a flat gray like layers of curtains,   the first call of night leaning into stillness  


A wedge or orange waits for morning fingers   a black cat at the screen door; a pinch of salt over the shoulder   same radio songs weather changes clouds always appear   last patch of snow in the shaded corner of the shed   a few buds up high on trees thrive where sunlight … More WINTER FADES


A low rumbling a quiet menace brooding on the horizon   a language of sounds ominous clouds above the reach of man   evil markings retire day’s shadows relinquishing serene space to a greater force heavy weather reflects in eyes gazing upward   rain presses onto the souls of mortals.      


It was a train in the sky. A thunderous ballad of unscripted percussions of warm and cold colliding; an influence without equal.  The oncoming front sounded like a thousand warriors. running hard. Leaves turned over.  Windows slammed shut.  Animals sought shelter. A sequence of distant low frequency explosions pressed the air. There is no resolve … More FURIOUS


From a distant balcony I viewed the clouds crab by overhead. The winds resonated mixed sounds through boughs of great trees and then buffeted lightly against worn shutters and meadow grass. The sky darkened, I felt like an unknowing outsider, a Philistine, waiting for David. I recognized the approaching weather headline. I lingered as a … More FRONT LINE


Feed that dog. The restless wanderer going over fences and through backyard bushes. He’s full of fight.  Has no enemies and barks from the hell within him. Kids stay clear. His owner moved to Louisiana, leaving him chained, which he chewed through. Full moons make him howl long and sad, frightening town bullies. An abandoned … More BAD DOG


Rectangles with souls. Windows lined like soldiers. Sounds in the head.  Fog rises but never into a storm.  Dogs walking as if they know where they’re going. Fast steps lead to a corner bar where No one’s ship comes in; liquid languages spoken here.   Everything appears in slow motion. It’s easier to remember when … More CITY WALKING


A blue sky yielded to layers of Ivory clouds.  Flat and useless the Heavy air absorbed sounds; the pleasure Of the afternoon was washed away. Newspapers lost their crispness.  Words fainted between people due to dullness in the air.  Birds halted flights, retreating to thin curtains of shade. There is a memory of times like … More THE UNEXPECTED


The sudden transfer of stillness; the opening of morning. Flowers standby. Curtains hang around with anticipation. The air is pensive, waiting for change. There is a serious and relaxed atmosphere between what we are encouraged to do and that which is tried.   Night is the salesperson for day. expressing support for sunrise as night … More RISING ABOVE


Drunkards of broken clouds wept onto night and those without hats. High winds forced bullets of rain to windows like snapping fingerprints only to slide with gravity onto the sidewalk below.   The ground drank eagerly at first until soon gorged, directing the runoff to every low point where a rising began.   Clouds continued … More TOO MUCH