I stand on the shoreline of the ocean small palpable waves feed on my ankles as dusk yields to night   a sound clear as spring windows tilts toward me showering me in the center of a nightly orchestra   I wonder looking around if anyone nearby senses the blessing from the air or am … More MOONLIGHT SONG


Sailing ships full sails sliding through blue and green waves divide into exhaustion song of wind never the same strong hands mast the desire of motion angles break apart clouds add fuel the earth turns under the surface rope and wood fuel and fury heaven moves aside angels applaud  


There was a caution in the air. A thin front of yellow yielded to heavy black layers of a disruptive sky crawling menacingly above. Thunder sounded from the hands of trauma, releasing repeated detonations. The calm surface air quickly became an unlikely opportunity for safety. Nature began to carve out its design of strength in … More ALMOST OVERHEAD


There’s an island I feel in my dreams. A safe current with abundant sun, providing energy without resistance. An open front door offers promise. A bouquet of flowers sits on a hallway table; circling white fans refresh incoming ocean breezes. White sands encourage me and waves orchestrate a welcome. I walk into the water as … More THIS PLACE


The shoreline is a paper waiting for a story. Frequent coal blue skies compete with the gray of midday.  Oil cloth jackets provide temporary warmth.  Multiple nearby voices scale up the dunes, but the power of the waves refuse them any higher.  Birds scatter and then rejoin, swiftly passing overhead. The winds are held together … More HIGH DUNES


WHERE I STAND     Since childhood I’ve stood here, looking out as if waiting for something to appear.   We are shorelines. Pressed by waves of thoughts, touched by winds of words, yet we feel safe in the safety of an eventide flow.   We gather at sunset, remembering farewells while shading our eyes … More WHERE I STAND


Ocean waves dissolve on the shoreline. Diamond reflections spread covering rock and sand.   The waves are creative voices, a language transported, respecting time and mysteries untold.   Their voices are soft, welcoming and sincere. Often we listen but fail to hear the message, the answers the recipes of common sense.    


Fair winds, the pause of between, ruffle the edges of canvas awnings. The sound of coarse linen being formed into small waves, resemble incoming tides onto shorelines celebrating morning. The day tumbles within minutes, creating hours of hope with the sense something good will happen. The manicured thoughts we cultivate, wait patiently for the map … More DOORS


What is within a wave? That curled momentary mass of random strength rolling onto shorelines with ancient messages tucked within itself, splashing out languages from somewhere deep.   The moon speaks out the highs and lows. The land lifts barriers against the mass of impending force. Yet we find their shape drawing, pulling us into … More LIQUID LANGUAGES


There is a breath between seasons. A gasp of release, the unwrapping of air stretching over, reaching out to the beyond.   A passing absence fades into misty footsteps, where shadows meet, blending with voices in a breeze of change.   Forcibly, like tides and the passage of rivers we accept the silence of what … More THE TIDES