It was called, “The Hotel.” Like a childhood friend known by one name. The lobby exhibited signs of artistic death.  There were overused red velvet chairs. A couch without cushions. Ceiling fans without life. Strips of wallpaper peeling Like a melting glacier. Many have passed through the thick wooden and glass doors onto black and … More PATINA


It’s the things that make you……….   The last stone in the wall, A single word worth more than many, The look that holds the attention, The song full of what we need, The day regardless of rain or sun, The dance that fills you with good, The voice you run too, The screen door … More YOUR SONG


Trade winds rustled palm frontons like fingernails scratching sandpaper. Waves with no intention of leaving roll onto forever white sand, quickly reforming for the next round. Midday’s warmth builds into layered heat. Shade is gold as the coolness circles the skin, refreshing like a shower of air. Emerald green water continues to fold over on … More THE ISLAND