I see visions of tomorrow. Clubs with open doors, red seats and low smoky lights; melting drinks and bowls of peanuts. Freight trains rumble by with freeloaders hanging on as winds rustle their shirts and jackets and hair without hats.   Fast talking and slow moving salesmen hawk everything, especially what they don’t own.  Kids … More NEVER FAILS


Willowy tall palms bend with resistance under a byzantine blue sky   The fragrance of changing tides and salt air stir summer with youth and stories   Sand is the celebration of a movable graffiti.   Ivy and roses stretch over a fence, attracting children and angels   There’s nothing regrettable about summer its evenings … More GIVING IN


Street people sing the change cups full. They dance without care, laughing wide and loud.  They search for the weak, catching their eyes, reeling them in; the uninvolved walk and avoid. The corner becomes a one ring circus.  Traffic releases thunder.  Children point.  The elderly understand the caldron of poverty.  Midnight ends the show. A … More RINGMASTERS


A signal without an arrow pointing from an unspecified corner.  Choosing not to speak is the language of the curious; the absence of shoes limits the desire to go.   Something eventually brings us to the edge, where the precipice creates a sickness in our knees, fearing the fall and the bottom.   From here, … More OPEN FOLDS


ANOTHER FOOTPRINT     There are shadows of reminders stepping into our days, our years. Long pauses of thoughts rise slowly to the surface. We consider the chances while dissecting the meaning of how our footprint explains our past.   Our walk becomes a series of runs. Glancing off one reminder of what to do … More ANOTHER FOOTPRINT


Words tumble. Catching one out. Proving a point or wounding a heart.   Dark storms brew within the thoughts. Like a rising tide flowing out quick to sooth or heavy with pain.   In the corner of the mind where shadows whisper, comparing and dissecting ideas and dreams preparing a path for words going out. … More BUILDING BLOCKS