Skylines of the past. Barges full of memories. Secret wars of the mind releasing reminders.   Finding your way on a bridge of suitcases while conditioning to change. under satellites of ideas thawing frozen winds as day delivers.  


From the feather edge of thoughts, stewards like marching memories stand red brick building firm. I see the common space between here and there; a sliver of everything important. I sense the layers removed. There is persuasion when the untold surfaces of common spaces, rehabilitate gray skies into the summer of youth   Breezes find … More I HEAR THE SOUND


Formations of greatness, bound in seed and watered without bias raising irregular unconstrained hands like an ocean lifting a sound with its body as waves clap approval and stretch a mounted force greater than fists or hate.   Footsteps signal a movement, a start, the middle of going, a journey to be there.   People … More SOUND BODY