I have roads in my pockets. Curves and straightaways own a piece of my steps, as I never look back over a thunderstorm wet shoulder; hats have a way of getting in my way.   I’ll find a coat for winter and shorts for summer. I found a pair of sneakers in Phoenix and some … More PASSING BY


A fallen sun drowned in black. Iron painted sky, the hammers of thunderstorms hidden within. Angel wings fall from heaven. Insane nightmares scream through canyon walls. Monsters live in the rush of rain; green blue waters hemorrhage mud brown. Cymbal crashing winds sever branches. The storm consumes the weak and unstable.   The orchestra of … More OPEN ABOVE


A distant rumbling amplified the silence around me. My breathing roared within. I whispered lightly, making sure I wasn’t deaf. I held my breath and then released it into ambient stillness. The clouds possess a cotton smoothness. The leaves appear asleep, unconcerned for impending winds and rain. I feel insignificant at the bottom of this … More TEN SECONDS


Drunkards of broken clouds wept onto night and those without hats. High winds forced bullets of rain to windows like snapping fingerprints only to slide with gravity onto the sidewalk below.   The ground drank eagerly at first until soon gorged, directing the runoff to every low point where a rising began.   Clouds continued … More TOO MUCH


Labored wipers edge the smooth curved surface with vengeance as the final reach snaps a forceful wet slapping, shoving aside the enemy of night……water. Headlights course heavily through the drops as the beams stretch toward the next curve like a child reaching for candy.   Creatures of night absorb the car, hovering over as if … More NIGHT DRIVE


A sympathetic rain washed the face of the street. Parked cars, asleep and cold lined the street. Buildings with lighted towers reached into low clouds. Gray shadows feel lazily over sidewalks.   Umbrellas mushroomed up, into weaving patterns, forming a covenant between head and heaven.   A fair wind lifted fallen newspapers and hats while … More FINDING SPACE


The weight of the motion descended in a cloud burdened with the scent of air clinging to rain as it baptized the ground.   Tumbling drops foot-printed the soft sand while others merged with puddles, lost to colliding or ripples fading.   Quiet prevails as the storm wanders. Sounds of recovery lift from the spell … More FULL WEIGHT