Frail sparrows wait without flight at the take-out counter.  The aroma reduces the chill of hunger; accepting gladly the warm prize they turn with hope, stepping out into the cold.   Fast thoughts whisk across tables and counters.  Words mixed with coffee and cigarettes fuel pointing fingers as the world is explored over hamburgers and … More OPEN SHADOWS


He possessed great words.  Blocks of released thoughts, the granite of wisdom.  His words took flight, escaping the boundaries of conversations, creating a new understanding between the lines of ordinary sentences. Like spring blossoming, he opened the pedals of stories, heating the imagination, striking the iron of curiosity.   His posture presented authority.  His tone … More FULL FLIGHT


The release of loss Should be a temporary dark over; like a half smile, part with you, part at you.   It’s when confessions drip from a repentant tongue, loosening squeaky thoughts, relieved to be free.   The inside of healing words fight to the surface, struggling for new air; a chance for old shadows … More THIS DAY


Dust rose in menacing circles behind the car; generations of travel brushed to the roadside.  Truck lights create lonely shadows.  Bleary eyes crave coffee; the liquid toothpicks of temporary vision. Hitchhikers seek the ride of hope.  Their boots worn down to sandals as they desire other places. Forgiveness is far from home.  Familiar voices are … More DOWN AWAY


He was a life less used.  A flower rejecting water.  He considers himself a square, surrounded by a circle; room to stretch but never enough to change position.   The drumming of his words sway like wheat heads driven by random winds as his words release, explaining the unnecessary.   He drums his fingers on … More OPEN HARVEST


Words tumble. Catching one out. Proving a point or wounding a heart.   Dark storms brew within the thoughts. Like a rising tide flowing out quick to sooth or heavy with pain.   In the corner of the mind where shadows whisper, comparing and dissecting ideas and dreams preparing a path for words going out. … More BUILDING BLOCKS


There’s a room in the between. A room with three walls for thoughts and an open side accepting a wide flow of words onto the altar where their weighed and judged for worthiness. Years of words are watered here in the garden of expression, until finally harvested and released to be viewed by others and … More ARRIVING


There is a circle of growth, a watering of slumber, as the eyes retreat to the outlands of shadows where incoming messages open to hallways of sleep. We are captured in the snare of unknown vapors. Feet move. Hands reach. We respond with half words to voices at the backdoor of our thoughts. We twitch … More SOMEPLACE


There are no illusions when desires are missed. We struggle to maintain a steady path as the grays of life breathe in without restriction; the absence of answers is the darkness within a back pocket.   We decide to move about with a new set of goals firmly attached to us, knowing that the next … More KEEP CLIMBING


Thoughts are full of moles searching for words, expanding on stories where nothing is lost.   Roots of destiny and legacy are the appetite of moles as they absorb the changes of character from open windows and behind doors.   Memory requires extra strength to burrow through, releasing photos of faces and sins packed away. … More MOLES