It’s the river thick with flow a moving mass of air over motion full of whispers shadowed in the past of me near where street cars pound metal and smoke stacks send signals raining soot in alleys and corners where pain and sweat speak of days of youth once thought never to end where prayers … More IN FULL VIEW


Crossroads provokes idleness back to life   perforated clouds bless the land painting moving shadows tickling the infinite underground into jealousy   the past becomes reflected on walls of thoughts opening dark caves and mountains missed   just up ahead there’s a hole in the sky where kites exhaust the air and lost gloves return … More MAKING A WAY


I fell into the remembers today the how and why the places I walked with voices now removed and stories part and full some not real   someone calls my name; no one is there   trees and paths know me change moves in and replaces   trying to recall works hard the memory threads … More ONCE AGAIN


We gather.  Move into. Absorb the years.  Claim the day, wonder about the past. Unclaimed and unfinished minutes become armies of hours, dissolving as they pass, draining beneath us, out of us, drowning us in the air we breathe. In youth our legs championed obstacles. Our dreams outdistanced everything. As gladiators we overcame and conquered. … More TURNING THE CORNER