There are clouds familiar ones maybe the one overhead right now listening to broken hearts watching feet run away   witnessing the moods of souls the arrows of words up and tears shed falling down   the cloud, maybe this one has heard it all extending an empathetic extension of itself absorbing the pain folding … More UP THERE


Next door mumbled thoughts leak through cracked plaster into my stale air   fevered dark shades of anger rise like storms born of heat then coldly pass   blinking neon breathing lights flash to the wall soundless and dead   hidden pipes suffer with song like tenors coaxing tears out of the weak


On or about town the luxury of disregarding depravity   As the eyes choke out the heart.   It was once a dream place a song matching every mood until tears stirred the soul awake   grasping for a rope before drowning back into the stream   of civilization with rumbling feet pointing   to … More LEANING


What does someone see when you offer them a glimpse beneath your water?   The pillows of your dreams Wilted emotions Thoughts without makeup Eyes listening but not seeing Sunless days The joy of rain Favorite words Fear of death The honey of a smile Running away Closed doors Acts of faith A song that … More DOWN DEEP


The academia of cafe people. The quips are everything, falling neatly into line without stress. They circle the edge of the serious before journeying to art and the Bauhaus of their apartment.  There’s a laugh about abstract dreams and what they could possibly mean and how their favorite pillow captures tears. Black and white photos … More THE OUTSIDE OF IN


Rain with feeling sounded on my head, running through my hair, dripping with random lines onto my face, like tears without reason, they course onto my shirt. The ground glistens, painted clean, each object baptized with water; the opening sound of wind builds like an orchestra warming for night.   The sky soon reopens with … More A MOMENT ALONE


Her lipstick is the blood red of a days end. Draining slender fingers claw for heaven, stirring muddy the floor under the pearly gates. The jazz she breathed rattled high around the edges of her cup of years; the roulette wheel fails to let her secure a winning. The wrong of her makes the pain … More HER SONG TOUCH