It was a dull circle of sleep. A separation where day folds into slumbered haze.  Mumbled half words tumble out.  An occasional roar breaks the silence.  It’s a time between lucid and insanity.  Emptiness and heroism.  A storm of thoughts strike the base of heaven; the soul envies the catacombs of control.   Hours appear … More HALF WAY


WHERE I STAND     Since childhood I’ve stood here, looking out as if waiting for something to appear.   We are shorelines. Pressed by waves of thoughts, touched by winds of words, yet we feel safe in the safety of an eventide flow.   We gather at sunset, remembering farewells while shading our eyes … More WHERE I STAND


A muted curtain competed with the between of night and dawn. Gray shadows were swept from the space of dark as the fading insolence fought against the change, pressing time for one more second; though none existed.   Hilltops and oceans welcome the hours of light before their overwhelming greatness appears as ominous gray ghosts … More NIGHT INTO DAWN