A wedge or orange waits for morning fingers   a black cat at the screen door; a pinch of salt over the shoulder   same radio songs weather changes clouds always appear   last patch of snow in the shaded corner of the shed   a few buds up high on trees thrive where sunlight … More WINTER FADES


The alley weary brick lined its surface scarred the aroma of dampness lingering waits expectantly for its fraction of sunlight   never enough to heal the sordid lingering air like sidewalks wide streets or parks where children play   the alley is the center between buildings holding out for a few angled moments    


He touched the side of me ocean eyes looking up from a gray face the alley was his home shadowed under day pulsing at night   across his face a twisted scar of courage and half of the right ear missing   he circled me shoulders balanced not a sound from the paws he was … More THE STRAY


A morning’s mad swirl in the heavens opened to an infinity blue sky. The suns hardened steel and lack of compassion spread a wide blanket of heat. Dogs sought shelter. Umbrellas create a walking shade. Dusty curtains attempted to block the incessant light. An army of sunglasses walked tormented paths.   Everyone feels the growth of … More THE HEAT OF IT


A force of sun cast yellow splinters past open curtains onto a wooden floor with sharp edges as they slip up the wall like a daydreaming spider. The quiet of the room is loud with silence. A solid red couch holds the room hostage. A grand desk, centered with pride, smoothly carved, decorated with silver; … More AFTERNOON LIGHT