Its where long streets with red lights stop the direction of forward motion. Boys in leather jackets.  Girls with tattoos, red lipstick and black boots; bright smiles and sunglasses, fingers adorned with rings.  Shoulders sway to all types of music.  Hats and jackets form circles of color.  They are artists of extreme quality, where personal … More FULL OF NOTICE


Street, flat out. Oversize shirts, yellow and striped.  Coats without arms.  A song in a walk; shoes envy the beat. Broad strokes of colored hair. A beard, a flash of checkered pants.  Sandals and combat boots.  A skateboard has lost its rider.  Subways rattle. Steam pipes hiss. Rain coats under blue skies. Hats without rain … More SIXTH AVENUE


On the Rue Lepic, a lazy cat sits on the ledge of an open window, observing life below, moving about after a night of swing and toasts to life and promises.   Top buttoned shirts.  Slippery felt hats. Shiny shoes and pants with flare, a man with a silver cane strolls like an owner past … More MORNING WALK