The sight of day vanishes as if cut. Underground tremors release into tunnels creating monster echoes. The train becomes absorbed in an ocean of dark air. Doors fling open. Warm gaseous fumes slap morning faces. The platform fills with legs and shoes and eyes looking down; children are still home in bed. The atrium fills … More ARRIVING


          Lazy snake trains slumber overhead, listing hard into long rusty corners, rattling like bones in pain resembling old men walking to the park.   Dark cafes list yesterday’s menus where hungry hands rain down with forks and sharp knives, scratching plates while lovers kiss and strangers stare.   Sidewalks spotted … More YESTERDAYS MENU


Songs of subways overhead press out the language of day as they weave, screeching the overload in corners, releasing sparks while heads inside sway without control. Shadow art on the pavement below scripts across cars and people, into alleys then splashes jaggedly onto store fronts. The aroma of diesel fuel, creosol, standing water, barrooms, exhaust … More MOSTLY IGNORED